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Date: Previously live on 29 March 2023 

From our latest study on Operationalising Data Governance 2022, over a third of all respondents considered discovery and classification the most important foundational component of a data governance programme. However, in our experience we’ve also found it to be the hardest barrier for organisations to crack.

In this second episode of our webinar series, we’ll look to explore the common pitfalls and challenges teams face during the discovery and classification process, why it is crucial they persevere and get it right, and most importantly, how they can successfully deliver on this foundational component to operationalise data governance within their organisation.

Join us as we discuss why data discovery and classification is a crucial element to setting the right foundations of good governance.

About the Operationalising Data Governance Series

Organisations all over the world are finding their data governance efforts are more complex and frustrating than they expected. Without an effective approach, delivering on compliance and business objectives can become a difficult task as Gartner uncovered within their recent report – “The State of Data and Analytics Governance is Worse Than You Think” – which found that a quarter of those surveyed achieved nothing they set out to accomplish with data.

Together with our partners at BigID and Manta, we aim to demystify and practically discuss the ‘what, why, who and how’ to successfully operationalise data governance within organisations in today’s business context.

About our Panellists:


Garry Manser is currently the Head of Data Governance at Vanquis Banking Group and is accountable for the design, development and implementation of the Group’s Data Governance Framework – specifically enabling Data Owners and Data Stewards to understand their data more, whilst the Group embarks on a significant Data Transformation programme. Garry has been working in Data Governance for 15 years, both in Consultancy for EY and PWC, and in a number of financial institutions such as Barclays and Visa. Though that he has had a number of adventures and could write a book on the bad mistakes made and lessons learned.


Rob Boden is at present a Senior Solutions Engineer at BigID, an advanced AI data discovery platform that helps enterprises identify and protect their customer and entity information. Rob has over 15 years helping customers with Data Management challenges, specialising in Information Lifecycle Management, Data Privacy, Protection and Governance with Princeton Softech, IBM and Informatica. Since joining BigID, Rob has continued his advocacy for organisations to gain a better understanding of their data, speaking at multiple industry events.


Lee Biggenden is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Nephos Technologies, a data systems integrator focused on helping customers transform the way they store, process, govern and protect their data. Through his leadership, Lee has guided Nephos to successfully support multi-national organisations, attain multiple industry recognitions and exponentially expand the company.


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