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When it comes to modern data management, organisations frequently encounter challenges in understanding, optimising, and modernising the intricate pathways through which data flows. They often struggle to gain a clear and detailed view of how data travels through their systems, leading to blind spots, inefficiencies, and a lack of control. This lack of visibility not only hampers decision-making processes but also raises concerns about data integrity, compliance with regulatory standards, and overall governance.

In this episode of the Vendor Spotlight series, our focus is on Manta whose world-class approach addresses these challenges head-on.

About Manta

Manta is the world-class automated approach to visualise, optimise and modernise how data moves through your organisation through code-level lineage. Manta automatically scans your data environment with the power of 50+ scanners to build a powerful map of all data pipelines. With Manta, the world’s top companies gain full visibility and control of data pipelines, driving productivity and regaining trust in their data.

About the Vendor Spotlight Series

Our enlightening webinar series where we showcase the best and latest data tech stack solutions.

In each episode, dive deep into the core of innovation as we explore the unique solutions and the real-world problems our spotlighted vendor addresses. From understanding their mission to uncovering their competitive edge, this series offers an inside look at the heart of groundbreaking technologies and services.

Gain valuable insights, learn from practical use cases, and discover expert advice from industry leaders, empowering you to make informed decisions and navigate the evolving business landscape. Whether you’re a business enthusiast or a professional seeking cutting-edge solutions, join us as we unravel the future of enterprise excellence, one episode at a time.

About our Speakers

Keith Costigan, a Senior Solutions Consultant at Manta, is dedicated to actualising solutions that precisely address the intersection of business and technological challenges within the context of digital transformation. Armed with a profound understanding of both types of challenges, Keith enables customer to navigates complexities with finesse, ensuring that Manta’s offerings not only meet immediate needs but also pave the way for a more streamlined and efficient digital future.

Lee Biggenden is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Nephos Technologies, a data systems integrator focused on helping customers transform the way they store, process, govern and protect their data. Through his leadership, Lee has guided Nephos to successfully support multi-national organisations, attain multiple industry recognitions and exponentially expand the company.


Considering Manta but unsure about the implementation road ahead? Our team of skilled experts is on standby, committed to making the implementation process a breeze for you:

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