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Date: Previously live on 10 May 2023 

Although the benefits are clear, many organisations struggle to implement a successful data governance strategy. Findings from our State of Data Governance 2022 report that gathered insights from 900 c-level data leaders noted a lack of expertise (38%), difficulty justifying the business case (38%), sourcing effective tools (37%), gaining executive support (33%) and justifying the cost (32%) as the obstacles they face to do so.

In this fifth and final episode of our webinar series, we’ve brought together a group of senior data leaders to discuss how to realistically garner support, effectively implement and operationalise a data governance programme in today’s business-centric world. With experience and skillsets at a premium, we explore the practical options that organisations have to transform raw output from their governance toolsets into tangible business outputs.

Join us as we explore how organisations can realistically implement and operationalise their data governance programme today.

About the Operationalising Data Governance Series

Organisations all over the world are finding their data governance efforts are more complex and frustrating than they expected. Without an effective approach, delivering on compliance and business objectives can become a difficult task as Gartner uncovered within their recent report – “The State of Data and Analytics Governance is Worse Than You Think” – which found that a quarter of those surveyed achieved nothing they set out to accomplish with data.

Together with our partners at BigID and Manta, we aim to demystify and practically discuss the ‘what, why, who and how’ to successfully operationalise data governance within organisations in today’s business context.

About our Panellists:


Christopher Glover is currently the Field CTO at BigID where he focuses on solving complex data management problems for customers. Prior to this, Christopher led the Inc.-level data initiative at eBay before continuing on in various leadership roles at PayPal within architecture and management. He is a data leader with broad experiences spanning product development, data management, architecture, operations and compliance. He has a proven track record for building and developing high performing teams and innovative products that lead to competitive advantage.


Jan Ulrych is currently the VP of Research & Education for MANTA, a data lineage platform that helps companies drive productivity, gain trust in their data, and accelerate digital transformation. By trade, Jan is a data consultant with more than 10 years of experience working on data management and data governance projects. He’s a database engineer by education but had quickly evolved into a recognized integration architect, with clients such as DHL, Thomson Reuters, and Moody’s under his belt.


Lee Biggenden is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Nephos Technologies, a data systems integrator focused on helping customers transform the way they store, process, govern and protect their data. Through his leadership, Lee has guided Nephos to successfully support multi-national organisations, attain multiple industry recognitions and exponentially expand the company.


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