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CSR Commitments

Diversity and Inclusion

47% of leadership positions are held by women

31% belong to ethnic minority groups

Environmental Stewardship


Doddington North




Tom’s Wood


Gameshope Loch


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In recognition of our carbon impact, we’re investing in a variety of UK woodland creation projects through Forest Carbon. By supporting such organisations and reducing our carbon emissions through sustainable practices, we’re proud to be playing our part towards net zero.

Michael QueenanCo-founder & CEO, Nephos Technologies

Working at Nephos, I've felt truly embraced by our commitment to diversity. Diverse leadership, equal opportunities, and a supportive environment foster thriving regardless of background. It's not just talk; every voice is valued, making inclusivity our identity, empowering, and inspiring me daily.

LisaBusiness Operations Director

From my very first day at Nephos, I've felt welcomed and valued here. Nephos celebrates the unique perspectives and backgrounds each person brings to the company, fostering an environment of respect, collaboration, and growth. I'm proud to be part of this inclusive team.

DamilolaTechnical Delivery Lead

With over a decade of tech experience, Nephos excels by offering ample resources and time for task investigation and automation, enhancing my skills. Also, the monthly socials provide a delightful break and cultivate lasting friendships, enriching both my professional and personal life.

ShubhamDev Ops Engineer

Implementing charity days reflects our commitment to social impact, utilising our company resources and skills to support community organisations. By strengthening social ties, it enriches our corporate values and dedication to our Corporate Social Responsibility

WednesdayChief of Staff
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