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When: 7 February 2024, 12:00 pm

Where: Ten Trinity Square Private Club, EC3N 4AJ

Organisations are leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline operations, and so are cybercriminals. For our February roundtable session, we are focusing on helping organisations prepare for the challenges posed by AI-enhanced cyber-attacks. 

AI has been increasingly used by hackers to launch sophisticated and targeted attacks, helping them to automate the process of finding vulnerabilities, generating fake content and evading detection. Compared to traditional cyberattacks, AI-enhanced cyberattacks can cause more damage and disruption by adapting to the changing environment to bypass defences.

Organisations often place their focus on prevention and mitigation strategies and neglect recovery plans, thereby subjecting them to the risk of losing data, reputation and revenue. While prevention is better than cure, it is not in the context of AI-enhanced cyberattacks.

Join us with Andy Fernandez, Director of Product Management, HYCU, as we provide insights into the nature of this threat, the challenges that organisations face in dealing with it and how to best prepare comprehensive disaster recovery strategies to ensure business continuity.


As we only have limited spaces and to ensure we can comfortably accommodate our guests, kindly drop an email at [email protected] to confirm your attendance by Mon 29 Jan.

About our speakers:


Andy Fernandez is currently the Director of Product Management at HYCU, an industry leading backup & restore provider for as-a-service apps & cloud services. Starting his career in the banking industry, Andy has gone on to hold various product management roles in Tech Data, Veeam Software and erto before starting at HYCU in 2022.


Lee Biggenden is the co-founder and CCO of Nephos Technologies, a data systems integrator focused on helping customers transform the way they store, process, govern and protect their data. Through his leadership, Lee has guided Nephos to successfully support multi-national organisations, attain multiple industry recognitions and exponentially expand the company.



Amritha Nampalat

Driven by her belief in the power of storytelling, Amritha endeavors to create content that not only captivates but also drives meaningful results. With each piece of content, she strives to seamlessly merge compelling narratives with insightful data analysis.

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