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Hybrid Cloud Storage

Features And Benefits


By leveraging the near infinite scale of the Cloud, Nephos are able to provide almost limitless on-demand storage capacity, at lower costs and without the need for constant hardware upgrades

Simplified Backup

By using Cloud or Object storage, storing data as objects and dispersing them across multiple datacenters, alongside inbuilt data snapshots, Nephos are able to eliminate the need to backup your unstructured data and offsite protection, whilst improving your RTO's and RPO's at the same time

Lower Footprint

Nephos leverages the scale of Cloud and Object storage as a centralised repository of data, rightsizing branch office storage for active data sets meaning we can reduce the cost of local storage, remove and consolidate backup and offsite protection and remove the need to continue to buy physical storage; reducing storage footprint, management overheads and cost.


Global File System

Using the Cloud or Object storage as a global file repository, and leveraging localised Cloud storage gateways, Nephos are able to globally distribute data with global file locking, enabling true collaboration regardless of location and device.



Nephos' approach ensures that your data remains encrypted at the highest possible levels both in transit and at rest.  Nephos also provides visibility and control over where your data resides, by volume, so you're in control over where your data is being held


Local Performance

By leveraging Cloud storage gateways to provide on-premise storage access, Nephos are able to provide local performance, with common storage access protocols to your users at lower cost and footprint

Hybrid Cloud Storage

As unstructured data continues to grow, the complexity, physical and financial constraints of traditional SAN and NAS platforms is becoming unsustainable.  Typically for every Terabyte of usable storage required an organisation will purchase between 5 and 15 Terabytes of raw storage capacity, often replicated across multiple locations and storage mediums such as tape.  

As a result organisations are now looking for alternative storage delivery strategies, combining localised storage performance alongside the scale, cost and flexibility that Cloud storage offers.  

Hybrid Cloud Storage provides organisations with the best of both worlds.  The approach combines a local Cloud storage gateway that acts as a SAN or NAS device to provide users with local data access with the level of local network performance that they expect using common presentation protocols such as CIFs or NFS so that user behaviour remains consistant.  All data is held in the Cloud or Object store to leverage the availability, scale and cost points that can't be achieved using traditional methods; whilst at the same time enabling global collaboration amongst users.


About Nephos Technologies

Nephos Technologies is an independent Systems Integrator for the Next Generation Data Center; providing consultancy, management and technology services to organisations seeking to utilise cloud technologies and economics, whether that is on-site, off-site or a hybrid based approach


News And Events

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LONDON 06.02.2017 - Nephos Technologies, a leading independent provider of next generation datacenter infrastructure, has been selected by international engineering firm, Holmes, to deliver a centralised, Cloud-integrated storage system to enable global collaboration.

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London, LDN (April 25th, 2013) - Nephos Technologies, a leader in Cloud Services Brokerage, is proud to announce that it has been included as one of only four “Cool Vendors” by leading analyst Gartner in their “Cool Vendors in Cloud Services Brokerage, 2013” report published on 18 April 2013 by Tiffani Bova, Daryl C. Plummer, et al.

Nephos Defined: Get Hands on Experience Delivering Enterprise File Services in Microsoft Azure

Live Webinar | Tuesday, 29 June | 10:00 a.m. GMT

Unstructured data is being generated at exponential rates, generating real value for those that can analyse it, with the compute power needed to process it rising too.  This combination makes it vital to find new, more scalable ways of storing and protecting that data.

Join Nephos Technologies and some of our leading partners at a half day event where we'll be discussing the evolution of the datacenter, and how new disruptive technologies are giving enterprise organisations a more efficient and sustainable datacenter infrastructure.

28 Aug 2015

IBC, Amsterdam 2015

Nephos Technologies, recently recognised by CIO Review magazine as one of the worlds top 20 Storage Solution Providers, will be present at this years IBC conference in Amsterdam, working alongside our partners Cleversafe and AllDigital to discuss how your organisation can benefit from our experti

This event is aimed at organisations that may be looking to create global file systems, enable collaboration, simplify their branch office environment or may just be looking for a new way to reduce the on-going costs of their storage infrastructure.